At automaFIT Conference 2023, we are proud to recognize excellence in the fusion of fitness and technology. Our awards aim to highlight innovation, ingenuity, and success in the industry, inspiring the leaders of tomorrow.

Online Event | Oct 4, 2023


Innovation in Fitness Equipment Award

This award recognizes the company that has developed the most innovative fitness equipment, expertly combining technology and functionality.
Selection Criteria:

    • User Voting: We will poll our user community on their favourite innovative fitness equipment.
    • Public Comments: Comments and reviews from various online platforms will be analysed for positive and negative sentiments.
    • Market Penetration: The reach of the product in the market, its popularity, and the number of users will also be evaluated.

Best Mobile Fitness App Award

This award recognizes the fitness app that offers the best user experience, useful features, and demonstrable results.
Selection Criteria:

    • User Voting: Users will vote for the app they believe offers the best user experience and results.
    • Public Comments: App reviews from app stores and other online platforms will be considered.
    • Market Penetration: Data such as the number of downloads, active users, and user retention rate will be evaluated.

    Best Corporate Fitness Platform Award

    This award recognizes the platform that has best helped businesses keep their employees fit and engaged, particularly in a remote work environment.
    Selection Criteria:

      • User Voting: Users from various companies will vote for the platform they find most beneficial for their fitness and engagement.
      • Public Comments: Reviews and feedback from corporate HRs and employees on various platforms will be considered.
      • Market Penetration: The number of corporate clients, the size of the companies using the platform, and the distribution across different industries and regions will be evaluated

      Best Fitness and Technology Influencer Award

      This award recognizes the influencer who has consistently promoted health and fitness through technology and who has made a significant impact on their community.
      Selection Criteria:

        • User Voting: Followers will vote for their favourite influencer based on content quality, user engagement, and impact.
        • Public Comments: Comments, likes, shares, and general sentiment across the influencer’s social media platforms will be evaluated.
        • Market Penetration: The total number of followers, engagement rate, and the reach of the influencer’s content across different platforms will be analysed

        How to Participate

        If you believe your company or favourite influencer deserves recognition, stay tuned for the opening of our public nominations! We look forward to celebrating with you at the automaFIT Conference 2023.


        We, the automaFIT team, uphold the highest standards of integrity and impartiality in the conduct of these awards. None of the members of our team are associated with or influenced by any company, including our sponsors or any other supporting entities. We are a group of professionals passionate about both technology and fitness, and we are committed to remaining impartial against any attempts at coercion. All award recipients will be determined based on the set criteria and nothing else.

        Are you a media agency?

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