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Showcase your product/service in front of the largest community of fitness and tech-focused decision-makers, and reinforce your position in the future of the fitness industry.

automaFIT Conference brings together industry leaders, technology experts, and fitness professionals from around the globe to share ideas, trends, and experiences on digitization and automation in the fitness industry.

Online Event | Oct 4, 2023

High-Quality Leads, Strategic Partnerships, and Valuable Connections

automaFIT Conference claim to be the leader in the industry’s leading event, presenting an opportunity to expose your brand to a global community of founders and CEOs of companies managing their fitness and tech teams.

Sponsorship offers online promotional activities for our niche target audience.

Sponsors are promoted in an extensive marketing campaign powered by our partners and affiliates. From fitness-focused startups to large companies managing fitness tech operations, the audience comprises a variety of team sizes and industries.

Showcase your product or service, generate brand awareness, and reinforce your position in the future of the fitness industry in front of decision-makers. Build authority, expand your network, and popularize fitness technology along with us!

Sponsorship Benefits

Sponsor Privileges

Event sponsor title, incorporation of branding in: collateral for speakers and guests, video content, external digital media, PVC banners and visuals throughout the event. Collaboration with other sponsors and partner blogs, access to all presentation replays.

Complimentary Sponsorship

Are you an agency specializing in social media marketing, content marketing, or graphic design? Our goal is to make this tech and fitness event standout by subcontracting certain tasks. We’ll gladly offer inclusion in our global marketing campaign in exchange for your expertise.

Become an Advocate for Fitness Technology

Sponsors of the event will be featured in an extensive promotional campaign, bolstered by our affiliates and partners. Elevate your brand visibility and demonstrate your support for the global surge in fitness technology and automation to your audience. Be part of history with us. Join our vibrant fitness and tech community.

Sponsor Privileges

Organize a keynote address branded by your company, participate in panel discussions, and represent from your company’s desk at the event. Share significant updates from your company and offer practical insights on how to expand fitness teams. Web broadcasts can be set up. Learn new strategies for growing your fitness team.

Amplify Your Brand

Are fitness teams your primary market? Is the digital trainer your target? Benefit from automated branding in the conference’s marketing strategy, establish your credibility, attract new clients. Let your brand instill confidence in fitness work cooperation.

Networking Opportunities

It’s widely understood that the relationships formed between sessions can often outvalue the keynotes themselves. We believe that connections forged in unique settings are most impactful!

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Are you a media agency?

Are you a media agency with a focus on the fitness or technology sector? We're looking for a collaborator to help us bring this event to a wide audience and create a buzz in the industry. If you have expertise in marketing and promotion, we'd love to hear from you.